W1 Smart TV Remote


W1 Remote 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Multifunctional Smart TV Remote Control for Nvidia Shield/Android TV Box/PC/Projector/HTPC/TV




3-IN-1 Air Remote

  • It will provide you with the smooth navigation and can be used to learn some important keys from your TV remote.
  • It designed with full keyboard that you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard.
  • AS A MOU-SE:
  • It can converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen,allows it to be controlled accurately for motion sensing game.

Powerful Battery Life

  • Recharge for many hours and works for several weeks.One buyer even mentioned that it had only been recharged twice in nine months.
  • Lithium battery are included, the battery is built inside the wechip remote,when the battery runs out, the remote can be used after charging.

How to learn IR function

  • 1. Press the “Power” key and the “OK” key for 3 seconds ,release the button when the blue light remains on,and then click the power button,lights flashing.
  • 2. Align the W1 with your remote head and keep it on a horizontal line.(The next step is to keep this posture all the time, otherwise the learning function may not be successful.)
  • 3. Click on one of the W1 buttons and click on the button you want to learn in the remote control.(The blue light is always on after 3 flashes, indicating success in learning.)
  • 4. Repeat the third step and learn the button you want until all the buttons are complete,after learning all the buttons, click the “arrow” button to save your study.

Please note that keeping the remote button and the W1 button consistent, for example, the left button of the W1 to learn left button of the remote control.

If the button is not consistent, you may forget the real effect of it, causing your confusion


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