H96 Max Android TV Box Review

H96 Max Android TV Box

H96 Max Android TV Box Review

The world is moving fast, and this is the age of Kodi. No one likes to wait for their favorite TV shows to air when they can simply turn their TVs into smart televisions with the help of Android streaming TV boxes. Collecting DVDs is old fashioned when movies can just be streamed. One such device that can make your life easier is the MXQ Pro 4K.

Boasting 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, the H96 Max has a notable size advantage over even the most popular TV box choices on the market. With increased storage options, users are able to download an array of compatible applications, such as Netflix, Youtube, and Google Play, as well as thousands of other Android apps and games that are available. The sizeable storage means that users will not have to decide between what they want to access on the H96 Max, but have every option at their fingertips.

H96 Max Android TV Box Review

Downloading with Expandable Storage

Not only can users download pictures and videos for storage in this Android TV box. You also have the option of adding an SD card, either for additional storage capacity or as a means of uploading to or downloading from the internal storage. Digital media can also be downloaded via a wireless or Bluetooth connection, depending on the user’s preference.

With substantial application capabilities, ranging from streaming to gaming and being active on social media, the H96 Max also enables users to browse the internet via a wireless or Bluetooth connection freely. This ability considerably opens up the potential use of this Android TV box, which already had a wide variety of functions.

H96 Max Android TV Box Review

Though small in stature, the H96 Max is a powerful machine. The Quad-Core processor is designed to ensure a smooth viewing experience, particularly when streaming TV shows and movies. Vital to handling demanding 4K content, the processor speed enables effortless playback without any unnecessary freezing or buffering. Several product users have commented on the ease they have had with watching their favorite shows, having to wait little-to-no time between selection and playback. This unit is also able to handle the high speeds necessary for watching live TV, which is offered by several of the available compatible applications or IPTV providers.

4K UHD and Superb Audio Quality

With the addition of 4K Ultra High Definition, this Android TV box is able to provide exceptional picture quality as well as superior streaming speeds. The Ultra High Definition also includes the sound quality, boosted significantly to provide the best possible viewing and listening experience for the user. Reviewers have noted the exceptional resolution and audio quality, particularly when comparable TV boxes have not offered the same level of excellence. The picture is as close as you will get to theater-quality, with the right set up.

Despite the incredible processing and quality specifications of the H96 Max, several users have noted happily that the unit itself does not get hot while it is functioning, which may be expected with other comparable models. This is a reassuring feature for me, as I don’t have to worry about the TV box overheating and the mechanical issues that can cause, as well as the energy-efficiency of this unit.

H96 Max Android TV Box

Advanced Visualization Display

Unique to the H96 Max Android TV box, this unit includes an advanced visualization display on the front of the box, configured to show to user-specific, useful information. In standby, the display features the time, which is automatically set via the wireless or Bluetooth connection. The screen also shows if the Wi-Fi is connected, if Bluetooth is connected, and if there are any USB connections while in standby mode. When the unit is in use, this display features play and pause icons. While not necessary to the overall function of the box, users have noted a liking for the display, detailing how it makes the unit more useful and a convenient addition to their home set-up.

When ease of use is a primary function, the H96 Max comes complete with a remote control. This particular remote features hands-free control, meaning that users are able to interact with the box using voice commands. Voice-control capability makes searching for movies, shows, and applications simple and straightforward, as users do not have to spend time browsing but can access what they are looking for right away. Reviewers have commented on the voice-control option and how they find it not only responsive and prompt but also accurate and helpful in assisting with searches, stream viewing, and using downloaded applications and games.

H96 Max Android TV Box Review

Compact Size and Compatible with Wireless Keyboards

For additional accessibility and ease of use, the H96 is compatible with wireless keyboards, which are available for purchase from many online and physical retailers. Wireless keyboards can be a useful accessory, especially when using applications such as Facebook, Skype or other messaging apps, and often have touchpad capabilities for additional easy use. A wireless keyboard would also benefit someone intending to use the internet accessibility this TV box provides frequently.

Being small and lightweight, the H96 Max fits in comfortably with an existing home entertainment set-up. Its small size, which not only makes it an easy addition to find a place for, but also allows for impressive portability. While the box is mainly intended for use at home, the versatile nature of the unit means that it can easily be transported from the home to other venues, such as in hotels, at a friend’s house, or while staying in vacation accommodation. It is also possible to use this unit in different countries, providing you have an adapter designed for various outlets.

H96 Max Android TV Box

Nice, Sleek Appearance

You will be plesed with the H96 Max looks, enjoying the sleek and colorful design of the box. Standard black in color, the top of the box itself is decorated with the model name and a distinctive, multicolored print. Many comparable TV boxes are of a more conventional model design. The unique pattern is a stand-out feature when deciding between units.

The portability of this Android TV box is further accentuated by the variety of connectivity ports available in the unit. Featuring 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 port, the H96 Max allows for several devices to be connected without the user having to decide between them. Compatible gadgets include items such as soundbars, gaming controllers, and headphones, customizing and boosting the overall entertainment experience I got from it. The inclusion of an AV port, as well as an HDMI port, means that this unit can be used with both older and newer television sets, making it considerably more versatile than some other comparable models available.

On delivery, the unit comes complete with a power adapter, an HDMI cable, and a user manual to ensure the box can be quickly set up and used right away. Connecting the H96 Max to an existing entertainment system is simple, as is linking it to a wireless internet connection or pairing it with a Bluetooth device. All necessary instructions are contained in the manual, which offers information in several different languages, such as English, Spanish, German, and French. The unit itself can also be configured in a variety of different languages, offering versatility.


Overall, the H96 Max Android TV box is an extremely flexible device, able to function as the user intends in a responsive, prompt, and efficient manner. With a wide range of uses, this specific unit is an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup. When considering similar models available, the unique selling points of the H96 Max, such as the advanced digital display and superior storage capability, show just how much more it has to offer over other similar devices.

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